My First 3 Months with Capital One’s Venture X

You know how the pictures the banks use have nothing to do with money. Just someone smiling lol .. this is my attempt.

So y’all are aware that Im the first financial hype beat y’all know right?! I just about apply for a Credit Card just about every few months, mostly for the sign up bonus and/or any credits that are appealing or seem worth while. Never really for the credit itself ..

Why the Venture X

So being a Chase baby, my initial introduction into the travel cards. Chase has the Sapphire eserve, that I in no way shape nor form could afford ($550 Annual Fee). Hence, I went with the cheaper but valuable little brother, the Chase Sapphire Preserve. ($95 Annual Fee) 

I’ve always shy’d away from those big boy cards because I couldn’t justify the price with the benefits. Most of these cards, pays for themselves within the first year, however will not in the years following. In perfect timing, Capital One has completely blew that out the water by making the Venture X technically pay for itself on a yearly bases.

The card cost $395 a year, however you receive the following credits:

  1. $300 In Travel when redeemed via Capital Ones Portal
  2. $100 Global Entry Credit (every 4 years)
  3. $200 Air BNB/Venmo Credit (first year only)
  4. 10,000 Miles Card Anniversary Bonus
  5. .. and of course the 100,000 Mile Bonus after you spend $10k

Between the cards $300 Travel Credit and the 10,000 Miles bonus (about a $90 value), the card technically .. kind of .. I think .. could be wrong .. pays for itself. Thats $400/yr  I can justify.

.. on to my experience ..

Global Entry

So for a the newbies and the not so versed travel sofisticados, Global Entry is basically a Customs/TSA “skip the line” when traveling International. It also comes with TSA Pre Check, which is a “skip the line” for domestic travel. So all of that “take your shoes and belts off”, we done with that. We slide straight to the VIP line, directly to the VIP section, and NO y’all can’t sit with us!

The Ventura X offers a $100 credit for Global Entry in which I proudly took advantage of.

The application process was fairly easy. It took me filling out an application and then actually showing up to the airport for an “interview”. The interview is essentially them verifying that you are who you say you are. I had to give my finger prints, I don’t sell dope no more .. so I was good here.

.. and the Credit … the Credit actually posted maybe within a week or so of me actually paying for Global Entry. I don’t know if that fell inline with my pay cycle or what, but it was quicker than I expected.


So one of the things I like about Chase, is you can pretty much file a dispute from their app. You simply go to the charge, and click a button .. and boom .. its disputed. If I recall, you have to fill out some info on the charge, and it may take a couple of days to post.

Capital One being new to this luxury card space, I was skeptical as to how a dispute would work. So they did not have the option to dispute via app, I actually had to call in and speak to a human .. kinda weird :), BUT the conversation went by smoothly and swiftly, and the charge was credited back to my account THE NEXT DAY!

This GOT DAMN 10k Spend

If your new to travel credit cards, many of them have a high minimum spend in order for you to receive the sign up bonus .The Venture X requires one to spend $10,000 within the first 6 months of ownership. This is BY FAR the highest minimum spend I’ve ever personally encountered, however between Christmas and Tax Season, I figured I’d have a few big purchases. Within the first 3 months I’ve managed to spend $4600, which leaves $5400. I have absolutely no clue as to how I’m going to achieve this feat, but if worst comes to worst, I’m buying more Emove Cruisers! Y’all wish me luck … seriously ..

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